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Resolution on the Role of French and Quebec in the NDP

Whereas Canada has two official languages: French and English;

Whereas French is the first official language spoken by 21.4% of the population of Canada

Whereas the NDP was the first party in Canada to recognize Quebec as a nation at the 2006 Federal Convention in Quebec City;

Whereas the NDP aspires to form the government of Canada, and this is impossible without a significant breakthrough in Quebec where the official language is French;

Be it resolved that federal conventions and all national activities of the party must respect the linguistic duality of Canada. Interventions in French by officials and panelists must be in proportion to the importance of Francophones in the Canadian population;

Be it further resolved that the prioritization of resolutions during federal conventions must take into account the unique role of the Quebec nation within Canada;

Be it further resolved that the national office of the NDP will reflect and actively promote Canada's linguistic duality.

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