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Throughout this riding, far too many families live in 1 or 2 bedroom homes with a family of 4 or 5, and far too many residents are forced out of the neighbourhood due to rising rent prices or “renovictions.”


All major parties have recognized, at long last, that there is a housing crisis and that Canadian homes are increasingly unaffordable. However, the NDP is the only party to understand the roots of the problem. Justin Trudeau’s plan to help first-time buyers is insufficient, but also completely neglects to address the needs of renters, who represent almost half of the city of Montreal.


We need solutions that will address the cost of rent, and will promise support to those who cannot afford to pay it. The NDP is the only party with those policies. An NDP government will find creative ways to work with the provinces to make rent more affordable, for instance by waiving GST/HST on the construction of new affordable housing, streamlining applications to co-ops and social housing, and by providing immediate relief to families who cannot afford rent.

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