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My generation has been warned about climate change and the natural disasters we could expect as we grew older ever since we were young children. I grew up with the sense that we had to do something urgently, and with the assumption that everyone was putting their heads together to make sure we avoided the worst of the disasters we were being warned about.

Justin Trudeau has been Prime Minister for most of my adult life, and I no longer trust that those with power share my sense of urgency. In fact, under his watch, Canada was the only country in the G7 whose emissions rose since the 2015 Paris Agreement. 

An NDP government will be far bolder, more courageous, and more forward-looking when it comes to the environment. The NDP is the only party I trust to reduce emissions, protect our natural resources, and invest in sustainable sources of energy. 

It is also the only platform that recognizes Indigenous peoples’ role to play in the protection of our environment, as well as the disproportionate effect that climate change has on their communities.

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